Windows Password Recovery Tutorial

The above video tutorial shows how to crack a Windows password using Ophcrack.

Below are some notes to help with the video tutorial.

  • Change boot order and save settings

  • Make sure Ophcrack disk is inserted and power on device
  • Select Graphic Mode

  • Ophcrack should boot and the following should be displayed (usernames will be different)

  • You may have to select Stop to add Tables required to crack passwords
  • Now click Tables and Install

  • Now click Computer and / (root)

  • Select media>hda>tables>vista_proba_free
  • Then click Choose
  • The tables should be added the list and be in green
  • Then click OK
  • Now click Crack 

  • The password cracking process should begin at the bottom of the page in the progress bar
  • The passwords should eventually crack if they are not to complex

  • Take note of the Passwords cracked and Shutdown
  • Change boot order back so that the hard drive containing Windows boots first
  • Try cracked password on Windows accounts

Enjoy your newly recovered windows accounts 😉

If passwords do not crack you may have to source other Password Tables.