How to make money from your Website or Blog!!!

1.Google AdsenseĀ 

Google Adsense is an advertising platform for Website and Blog publishers. The adverts that are shown on your Website or Blog are usually pretty relevant to the content to help drive up any revenue created. This means if you have a Website or Blog related to technology, your adverts will more than likely feature technology. Adsense usually pays a small percentage each time one of the adverts is clicked on by a visitor to the site or blog.

  1. Sign up for Google Adsense and wait to get approved.
  2. Once approved place the Adsense code on your Website or Blog.
  3. Get paid.

Check out how Google Adsense works at the below link.

How Google Adsense works


InfoLinks is an advertising platform that adds adverts to your Website or Blog by using keyword on your Website, when a visitor hovers over the keyword an advert is displayed and you get payed if the visitor clicks on this add. It’s as simple as that.

InfoLinks Popup

  1. Sign up for InfoLinksĀ 
  2. Add the InfoLinks code to your website.
  3. Get paid when visitors click on the links.


3.Affiliate Marketing

Another way for you to make some extra money from your Website or Blog is to take advantage of Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to place links or banners on your Website or Blog that would take the visitor to the merchant’s site, if the visitor buys something on the merchant’s site you get a small percentage of the cost of that item as payment.

An example of this is if you run a blog or website that covers hairstyles, you could sign up for Amazon Associates and place adverts or links on your site that take the visitor to items relating hairdressing on the Amazon website.


The above image is courtesy of Check them out!!

The list below is some of the best Affiliate programs available online at this time.


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