Docker Cloud Explained

Docker Cloud – 

The docker cloud as its name may suggest is not a cloud hosting service but actually a cloud management service. It can be used to deploy Docker to several nodes (VM or Physical) from one centralised location, it does this by linking to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure who are used to provide the nodes on which docker can be installed. Several nodes managed by Docker Cloud are known as a node cluster allowing several individual devices to be grouped together for management purposes.

In Docker cloud terms a container is called a service and a group of services is called a stack. A stack can be used to deploy separate services that make up an application. This is useful for developers who are using a new form of software development called microservices architecture.

The cloud can also link to a Docker repository such as Docker Hub or GitHub to utilize images located there that can be deployed to nodes used by the cloud service providers mentioned earlier.

It must be noted that Docker Cloud can also be used to deploy Docker to a user’s private infrastructure as well as the previously mentioned cloud provider nodes.

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